The Film

The Breast Archives is a documentary film for women who long to be seen as they are: beautiful, sensually whole, and courageous within their exquisite vulnerability.

In a series of wide-ranging interviews, nine women courageously bare their hearts and breasts, sharing deeply personal stories of puberty, sexuality, mothering, breast cancer, and more.

Their stories are candid, alarming, often hilarious, and surprisingly universal. Through forthright exposure, the film uncovers a mystery that gets at the heart of our expectations about women in western culture.

Every Woman Has a Breast Story

The Breast Archives uncovers nine women’s personal stories of empowerment. Baring their breasts and their hearts, the women share the unique journeys they’ve made with their bodies.

Untold numbers of women suffer from breast shame. Studies show that these feelings often evolve into expressions of ambivalence—even disembodiment, which can significantly impact a woman’s quality of life. By witnessing ordinary women talking about their breasts in a frank and courageous manner, viewers gain a deeper understanding of the importance of their own relationship with their breasts, can rekindle poignant and long forgotten memories and milestones, and provide a new context for the importance of staying engaged with one’s natural body.

Meet Nine Bold Souls

Imagine someone asked you: How have your breasts influenced the person you’ve become? Would you have an answer? The Breast Archives uses this simple question to delve into the formative memories of nine unforgettable women, offering insight into the breast as an origination point for a woman’s psyche. Their stories are funny and sad, touching and absurd, alarming and surprisingly universal. The way they open their lives to us is a profound act of generosity, giving us a healthy model for how to relate to our bodies.

Through the power of personal narrative, the film offers a frank examination of our culture and its subjective effects on our lives, and becomes a vital injection of the radical compassion we all thirst for.