let’s talk about breasts

The Film

The Breast Archives is a documentary film for women who long to be seen as they are: beautiful, sensually whole, and courageous within their exquisite vulnerability.

In a series of wide-ranging interviews, 9 marvelous women bare their breasts and discuss memories of adolescence, early self-hood, and influential contexts and home environments. They share deeply personal experiences of feeling shame, of sexual pleasure, and their experiences with breast cancer, pregnancy and sexual assault.

As old wounds and memories are boldly revealed, the women begin to rid themselves of beliefs that are untrue and limiting, and express a desire to embrace their inner-splendor.

Be Brave.  Be Seen.  Embody Change.

"A powerful, daring and important film for all women to witness because it empowers us to honor our own bodies."

— Irene Sabytko, author and filmmaker

The Project

Do breasts contain an ancient wisdom? That’s the central question of The Breast Archives, a documentary that explores the complex relationship women have with their breasts, and the link between that relationship and an inner, feminine wisdom.

The upshot is an extraordinary and refreshing conversation, and a cinematic inquiry into what becomes possible by simply being seen, as memories, insights and revelations are shared.

As a record of women’s experiences through the lens of the breasts, The Breast Archives becomes a milieu for sharing our breast stories, both good and bad, while allowing women the freedom to reveal themselves safely and with dignity.

"The Breast Archives is like a warm conversation between you and nine of your closest friends."

— Lena Wilson, the Valley Advocate