Delve into the origin of women’s psyches through nine personal tales of vulnerability, discovery and self-acceptance — all accessed through their relationship with their breasts. Stream the feature-length documentary film below!

Every Woman Has a Breast Story

The Breast Archives’ seeks to eradicate the inherent shame many of us feel about our bodies, and in particular, our breasts. Nine women from completely different backgrounds expose their deepest vulnerabilities with sharp insight and humor — inviting the viewer to laugh, cry, and connect with each shared experience.

Allow The Breast Archives to inspire your journey towards bodily self-acceptance and reclamation. This film invites you to love your body, love yourself, and love the girls and women in your life.

Meet Nine Bold Souls

Book a Screening

Screen “The Breast Archives” for your community! This booking includes a panel with director, Meagan Murphy, and local experts on the subjects of gender studies, breastfeeding, and adolescent development. This presentation ends with questions from the audience and is an empowering experience for women, men, and pre-teens alike. Discussion topics range from society’s deep seated stigma regarding the mammary glands to the tendency by our culture to sexualize the breasts. Personalize your request and discuss available customizations.