There’s a midpoint on our bodies, where our breasts are. It’s where our heart is, too. The breasts and the heart have a wonderful connection, in fact I like to say that the breasts are the face of the heart. And it’s not just about location; it’s something deeper.

Ancient Hindu texts divide the body into seven energy sections known as Chakras. The breasts sit right in the center of this system on the heart Chakra—that makes them very special. As a woman, your heart will guide you your whole life. It will guide you in love, in your friendships; it will guide you when you’re ready to raise children. Our breasts guide us, too. Why? Because they contain the oldest wisdom of women that carries forth through the ages, and our breasts are also with us at every stage in our lives. They unite and bond us together as women! They also contain our deepest feelings and experiences—which can and should be shared. Remember, when we hug each other, it’s a breast to breast connection as well as a heart to heart one.