The decision to wear a bra or not wear a bra, or in the mother’s case, whether to buy a bra for your daughter, is one that merits careful consideration.  Breasts are emblems of nature, little buds that grow into unique flowers. These flowers are part of a woman’s body for the rest of her life, and will change as she gets older.  The impulse that these flowers should be tamped down, that breasts should be hidden by bras from a young age, is the same impulse that drives humans to disconnect from nature. Some tips:

–       Decide whether or not bras are something that make you feel comfortable by either trying one on or letting your breasts be free

–       Listen to your daughter as she discovers how she wants to cultivate her own “flowers” (breasts).  Young girls hold a wisdom that has yet to be touched by societal influences.

–       Interact with nature

–       Interact with your breasts

Let go of the idea that breasts are something that need to be hidden.  These thoughts are one imposed by our culture, and while it is necessary to work within societal norms in some contexts, the home you share with your family can be a place of growth and comfort.