This blog is about celebrating breasts. The media, and our culture, want to define breasts very narrowly—as sexy, as sick, or as a source for milk. The truth is our breasts are ours to define and they represent the promise of the wonderful experience of being a woman. When our breasts come in, it’s a brief, precise moment that influences our relationship with our breasts and bodies for a lifetime. This relationship is largely uncharted, and can feel scary for both teens and their parents. We hear you asking:

  •  How can I help teens navigate this moment in their lives in healthier ways?

  •  How do I lift the girls up I’m mentoring so that they can transcend the body-based anxiety they are experiencing?

  •  How can I rewrite the story for myself or for my children?

Other people looking at, judging, and objectifying your breasts should be much less important than how YOU feel about your body. How do we get there? What are you doing now to celebrate your body? How do you support your daughters?

One way that we think you can plant the seed of love is through a breast care practice, so stay tuned for our next post about that with tips for building your connection to your body.

During your practice begin tuning in to your heart and your feminine being. Listen. Sense. Be quiet. Be still. Spend a few minutes listening to yourself.