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Changemaker, Meagan Murphy helps women nurture their autonomous wisdom in order to explore, discover, and transform. Speaker, journalist, director, media maven, and alternative health advocate, Meagan defines cultural norms with her passionate out-of-the-box approach to addressing women’s health issues. A true agent for a change, a channel of histories and cultures, and a train priestess, Murphy deeply engages her listeners and encourages women to tune into their inner wisdom and to the hushed up stories buried deeply in their bodies. Awards include a Communications Award and a Blue Cross Blue Shield sponsored Medical Journalism Fellowship. Additionally Meagan was a Health Education Award Finalist, Time, Inc., and a Massachusetts Department of Education Grant Recipient.

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"Meagan possesses the most engaging intellect and heart of anyone I know." - Amy Woolf, Business Owner 

A career in broadcast and filmmaking has allowed Meagan to develop skills and insights into how stories work: as memory, as consciousness-raising tools, as calls to action. She has also, in her studies as a mystery school initiate, and in her work interviewing women, gained a profound sense of what storytelling, and harnessing the power and meaning of one’s own story, can do for women.  

As a panelist and host, Meagan describes her storytelling tools and narrative methods used to reframe negative experiences, understanding ones’ own feelings, and the path towards discovering a wisdom within. 

Book Meagan as a speaker or panelist for your workshop or event.



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