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Stripping Down Taught These Women to Love Their Boobs

Melissa Malumet interviews film participants and the film's director, Meagan Murphy for a profile in the New York Post. Film participant Marsia Harris says: “I’d love for ...

Nine Women Tell Their Stories

"The film is relevant to women, of course, yet the more teenage and adult males who see the the Breast Archives, the greater its social impact," ...
womens business owners alliance meagan murphy breast archives (1)

The Egyptian Roots of The Breast Archives

Meagan Murphy describes the spiritual revelation she received on a trip to Egypt, and how this led her to pursue her film, The Breast Archives, in an ...
stcc interview bill brooks breast archives

The Role of the Breast in Development and Society

In an interview with Bill Brooks, Meagan describes The Breast Archives as an exploration into the influence and the role of the breasts in a woman’s ...
brava breast archives

What Do Women Really Feel About Their Breasts?

The Breast Archives explores the Western woman’s relationship with her breasts – a relationship that’s far from simple. Meagan tells Brava Magazine about the film, ...
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Meagan Discusses Breast Taboos with A Women’s Thing

How do taboos around breasts and toplessness affect women in our society? Meagan discusses this issue with A Women's Thing magazine. READ MORE:
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Sexy, Nursing, or Sick: Breast Contradictions

In this interview with Monte Belmonte at 93.9 The River, Director Meagan Murphy discusses the contradictory messages that reinforce the narrow role of the breast ...
greenfield recorder breast archives

The Breast Archives is a “must see”

In this review of The Breast Archives, the Greenfield Recorder calls the film a "must see," and applauds its "openness, courage and authenticity." READ MORE:
valley advocate breast archives

Stream Queen: All Breasts are Best

Some documentaries exist to tackle big-picture issues, while others hone in on life’s finer details. The Breast Archives, by local director Meagan Murphy, attempts both ...
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Bringing the Voices of Real Women to the Forefront

Director Meagan Murphy is profiled by Women of Distinction Magazine. READ MORE: Download Article
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Filmmaker Meagan Murphy Is Changing The Conversation Around Women’s Breasts

One way or another, most women have an opinion about their breasts. If this opinion is positive, then great – well done you. But sadly, ...

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