“Filmmaker Meagan Murphy is changing the conversation around women’s breasts.”

Huffington Post UK

“[Filmmaker Meagan] Murphy made the subjects get existential, asking them how their breasts have influenced them to become the women they are today.”

New York Post

Spotlight on Documentaries Don Schwartz

“[The women’s stories] show that women’s experiences come in all shapes and sizes.”

A Women’s Thing

“[The Breast Archives] forces [men] to sit down and drink a cup of shut-up-and-listen.”

Daily Hampshire Gazette

“...the personal stories here will surely resonate with many viewers. Recommended.”

Video Librarian

Spotlight on Documentaries Don Schwartz

“The film is relevant to women, of course, yet the more teenage and adult males who see the Breast Archives, the greater its social impact.”

Dan Schwartz

Spotlight on Documentaries Don Schwartz

“explores the Western woman’s relationship with breasts – a relationship that’s far from simple.”

Brava Magazine

Spotlight on Documentaries Don Schwartz

“Some documentaries exist to tackle big-picture issues, while others hone in on life’s finer details. The Breast Archives [...] attempts both tasks at once, as the film delves into the world of feminist body politics vis-à-vis the breasts.”

Valley Advocate