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Leslie C

Leslie Cerier is a gourmet chef and author from New York City. She was raised in a Jewish family and is 64 years old. Leslie is a passionate advocate for embracing sensory experiences and encourages people to dive deeper into every different type of experience that life has to offer. She is a loving mother and her positivity is a primary aspect of her personality.

“For me the solution is always about nourishment; the art of nourishment. And breasts are a symbol of the art of nourishment.”

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Carol B

Carol Beauvais, PhD, is a psychologist with a practice in Northampton, Massachusetts. She is 74 years old and comes from a Catholic/Italian background. She is a mother, a breast cancer survivor, a Jung enthusiast and a spiritual healer. In the film, Carol discusses her connection to nature, and how instrumental this relationship was in healing from breast cancer treatment, and also in the healing work she does with others.

“From my father, I inherited a very deep connection to the earth. What I take from that is, I am beautiful, I am like the stars and the streams and the rivers, I am awesome and I am to be respected.”

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Eileen H

Eileen Hunt is a 56-year-old woman from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, who comes from a Catholic/Irish background. As a young woman, Eileen was often shamed and censored about her changing body, and this learned “disconnect” impeded her ability to practice breast self-exams, despite her overwhelming fear of breast cancer. Since participating in The Breast Archives, Eileen has experienced a deepened emotional relationship with her body, and has developed a breast-care regimen that has offset her fears of cancer. She is an avid gardener and cook, and adores her collies, Max and Seamus.

“If I could go back and talk to myself at age twelve, I would say: ‘Your breasts are a beautiful part of who you are as a woman. . And like any part of your body, they need love, attention, and care.’”

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Heather T

Heather Toombs is a sex therapist from Walpole, Massachusetts. She is 38 years old, a lesbian and was raised without any religious affiliation. She lives North of Boston with her partner and her partner’s 13 year old. Heather has a lighthearted way of looking at the world, and has a comfortable and relaxed relationship with her body. Heather’s passions include photography, hiking, yoga and “anything involved with social justice.”

“I think that if we were able to just show our breasts at a young age, the insecurities wouldn’t be there—because they wouldn’t be able to start. Everyone would just accept that they were all different from the start! I think that would make a huge difference.”

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Laura G

Laura Gail Grohe is a civil servant and an artist. She is 47 years old and was raised in an intellectual, Protestant family from Boston. Laura struggled with body issues during her adolescence and developed an eating disorder during puberty as a response to the attention she received “because of her curves.” As an adult, she has worked hard to develop a more positive and healthy relationship with her body, even though “it’s not always easy.” Laura hopes to pass on a healthy body image to her daughter.

“You’re either part of the problem or you’re part of the solution. There are ‘gonna be girl children in three generations who love their bodies or hate their bodies, and I’d like to move it towards the lovin’.”

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Marsia H

Marsia Harris is 53 years old and originally from New Jersey. She is a painter, photographer, singer, songwriter and musician who has been performing her original compositions for over 25 years.  Her voice is distinctive and her music is rooted in personal growth, love, social consciousness, and a greater vision for the world as a whole.

“When I'm confident and I'm feeling good about myself, my breasts feel ‘perky,’ even though they're not perky breasts. So I think there is something interesting there that I haven’t yet fully tapped into.”

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Petra R

Petra Roelofs, age 44, grew up in Holland. When she was young, her peers gave her the nickname “Mother Theresa,” and it wasn’t a big surprise that after graduating from high school she became a social worker.  Upon moving to the United States, Petra began working with children, which helped her to reconnect with her own inner child. She loves to be creative, to be in nature, to ask questions, and to live a colorful life.  Petra’s soul coaching business, Lifeway Navigation, offers a combination of different modalities, such as thought field therapy, aura soma color therapy, energy healing, soul coaching and working with the guidance of the angels and ascended masters.

“It’s taken me a long time to figure out my true passion in life, but I’m willing to learn and explore, and hopefully my breasts are going to tell me more because I’m not sure I’ve been listening very well to them in the past.”

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Sandra H

Rev. Sandra L. Harrick, 73, is an Intuitive Counselor and has been working in the field of psychological/spiritual healing for 40 years. Sandra is internationally known, and brings her gifts of sight and insight to workshops, as a speaker, and for individual sessions. Her business, “Soul Awakenings,” is a touchstone for her unique style of personal work, healing and spiritual development.

“My relationship with my breasts is very complicated. I like them, and I don’t like them at all. So there’s pride, and there’s shame…and sadness.”

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Teresa L

Teresa Lorenco, is a yoga teacher, singer, and the director of a burlesque troupe. The mother of three boys, she is 46, and of Puerto Rican descent. Teresa has always struggled with a “hatred” for her breasts’ appearance. Breastfeeding and motherhood has gradually given her appreciation for her breasts, and she has become extremely passionate about helping other women learn to love their bodies. She believes that all people should have the freedom to express themselves authentically.

“My breasts were just murderous on my confidence. Now I see them as part of our essence as female, providing, nurturing, and wholesome beings. They really are amazing vessels!”