The origins of The Breast Archives projects are deeply tied to a chance encounter I’d had with the artist, Patricia M. Bowers. I had come upon Patricia’s artwork while reading an online article, and was instantly transfixed. I began to explore her galleries, and found her colors and form to be both gorgeous and arresting. There was something about Patricia’s paintings that felt sacred and deeply feminine, and many of her pieces featured mysterious symbols and codes that seemed vaguely alien…but also benign. 

In the weeks that followed I made two purchases, and when a mailing address snafu occurred, we spoke on the phone. It was then I learned that the source of her content was her dreams. 

Patricia shared that she was a widow, originally from Canada, and that she had traveled extensively – especially to Egypt, a country she’d visited many times.  She said she planned to return to Egypt the following spring. Somehow I knew I would be on that trip.

I’ve done my share of globetrotting, but I’ve never experienced anything quite like Egypt before. The pyramids and temples along the Nile were astonishing to behold, and I sensed very deeply that these were magical, powerful sites. At one particular temple, named Philae, I heard a “message” about the (our) breasts containing a “ancient wisdom.” I tried to take what I was witnessing in feeling in stride, but I returned to the States a changed woman. 

A few weeks later I visited Patricia in her home in Florida, where I met her new husband Sean. Seeing her iconic paintings up close he was both an honor and a thrill, and we talked at length about our lives, our ideas, and our shared passion for the ancient mysteries. 

When I revealed by Egyptian-inspired plans to make a film, Patricia generously offered her work as an artistic element for the documentary. I instantly embraced the idea, and began the process of integrating the otherworldly images into my film’s storyline.  I am deeply grateful for this addition, and truly appreciate the dimension of calming mystery that her artwork brings to the films’ narrative and overall structure.

A gifted intuitive, Patricia M. Bower’s paintings reflect her interest in spirituality and our shared path of human discovery. Perhaps Patricia M. Bowers’ works will have the same intervening impact on you as they’ve had on me?? 

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