The Film

After decades of hiding behind layers, padding, straps, and wires, 9 daring women open up, and dare to explore a reservoir of hidden wisdom at their breast, sharing deeply personal stories of puberty, sexuality, mothering, breast cancer, and an emerging Reservoir of breast based wisdom.

The Breast Archives touches on many taboo topics, such as sexual abuse, and the oft-stifled coming-of-age psychological jolts and experiences; experiences that can (and do) deeply impact the formation of the psyche, and the unexplored realms that rest atop our rib cages.  Their stories are candid, alarming, often hilarious, and surprisingly universal—and will inspire men and women everywhere.

Every Woman Has a Breast Story

The Breast Archives mission is to deactivate the breast taboo, and uncover women’s personal stories of empowerment. 

Untold numbers of women suffer from body image issues, which we believe often originate from a societal shaming of the breasts. By witnessing ordinary women talking about their breasts in an honest and forthright manner, viewers gain a deeper understanding of the importance of their own relationship with their breasts, and can enjoy a rekindling of poignant and long forgotten memories and milestones.

The Breast Archives is an openhearted invitation to feel and know the divine inner feminine—a coherent and tangible life force and a platform of receptivity—that we all long to connect with.

Meet Nine Bold Souls

By revisiting the roots of a woman’s relationship to her breasts—and thus to herself—The Breast Archives creates an unprecedented opportunity to empower, engage, and enlighten a new generation.


“After the interview I felt held, protected, discovered and allowed. I was moved and released!  I am now a whole woman as I sit here with you.”                                               —Sandy Herrick, Reverend