Frequently Asked Questions

Nine individuals from diverse backgrounds discuss their breasts openly and honestly, countering society’s taboos and shame around breasts. Warm, complex, and hopeful, The Breast Archives is a film for women who long to be seen as they are: beautiful, sensually whole, and courageous within their exquisite vulnerability. 

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Why does it matter if women feel connected to their breasts?

The power to heal oneself is revolutionary but the mind-body connection can
 be vulnerable. Studies show that the subconscious mind is influenced by negative cultural messaging, and that the potential emotional distress can manifest as physical illness. However, positive and healing influences can similarly influence our bodies’ ability to heal and be well.

How can The Breast Archives help people achieve improved breast health?

The Breast Archives can help women become more attuned to their breasts and aware of an overall sense of wellness in their bodies by providing a platform for open conversation, learning and sharing. When women are conditioned to ignore and minimize their connection with their breasts, they may be less willing to seek medical help to address lumps or other indicators of illness.

Are there breast cancer survivors in the film?

One survivor is featured, but many of the women featured in the film suffer from a pervasive fear of developing breast cancer. This common experience is explored in The Breast Archives. Women absorb the cultural anxiety about breast cancer and are affected by its looming threat. Western medical culture offers treatment options but so often neglects to address the resulting existential stress. The women in the film speak out about how they attempt to turn their fear of disease into a rich appreciation of life and health.

For what age is The Breast Archives appropriate?

Bare breasts are visible during some of the interviews of The Breast Archives. The breasts are not eroticized, though there is discussion about sexuality – specifically nipple sensitivity. We recommend this film for ages 13 and up, and offer a Discussion Guide for post-film discussion.

Why should adolescent girls watch The Breast Archives?

The Breast Archives features adult women recalling their past, addressing topics they wish they had understood during puberty and early adolescence. They speak to issues of both insecurity and the possibility of self-love with compassion, honesty, and hope. Adolescent girls often don’t feel comfortable voicing questions about their breasts and bodies because it has not been modeled for them as appropriate. This film creates a context for these conversations to happen in a safe, enlightening manner.

What will adolescent girls learn from The Breast Archives?

Adolescents will witness how nine different women experience their breasts. They will learn that breasts come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. They will hear about some of the obstacles to self-love that women have faced- and how they navigated those challenges- including societal pressures, self-esteem, and body autonomy.

Will teen-age boys benefit from watching The Breast Archives as well?

Adolescent boys are naturally very curious about girls, women, and their breasts, but often may not be aware of the challenges their female counterparts face as they develop. Presenting The Breast Archives to boys offers them a channel for empathy that may not otherwise develop until years later. Because so many of the images of breasts that boys are exposed to are sexualized, providing a humanized and forthright perspective about the female body can have a lasting positive effect.