Beyond Compare

Beyond Compare “My best friend, we used to compare our breasts, and she called mine footballs because they were long and pendulous. So, no, I didn’t like the shape of my breasts.” —Marsia (The Breast Archives) We all do this. All girls look around and try to figure out where they fit in, what kind …

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The ‘Word Void’

Let’s play ‘thesaurus.’ Can you tell me a synonym for the word BODY?  What comes to mind? Cross off any word that is a metaphor for a mechanical part (there goes frame, shaft, chassis), or that describes a body part or attribute (like torso, protoplasm, trunk, physique or figure), and you are left with a …

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Reclaiming Our Breasts

This blog is about celebrating breasts. The media, and our culture, want to define breasts very narrowly—as sexy, as sick, or as a source for milk. How can I rewrite the story for myself or for my children?

Self Nurturing

Christiane Northrup says, “Our task as women is to learn, minute by minute, to respect ourselves and our bodies. Whether our breasts are small or large, perky or droopy, whether we have implants or lumps, or have had a mastectomy, all of “the girls” are wonderful – and a source of nourishment and pleasure for …

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Holy and Sacred

It’s no surprise that, for many women, the idea of honoring their breasts is unfamiliar. But why? What sorts of dialogue and inquiry can inspire women to connect fully with their bodies and their health? This quote from Susan Weed provokes this line of thinking in a powerful way: “Has anyone ever told you that …

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One with the Mother

When you emerged into the world of air, hunger came with you. And linked to hunger was the remedy for hunger, already known to you. You had, at birth, the skill to guide yourself to it by touch, by smell, by warmth, by sweetness. You had, and still have, internal, ancient coding to find the …

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The Breast-Heart Connection

There’s a midpoint on our bodies, where our breasts are. It’s where our heart is, too. The breasts and the heart have a wonderful connection, in fact I like to say that the breasts are the face of the heart. And it’s not just about location; it’s something deeper. Ancient Hindu texts divide the body …

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Making a film about breasts is hard. It’s as if I’d rather curl up beside them and take their comfort, rather than analyze their role and influence in my life. Our breasts have always mattered, but we didn’t know why. And looking at that question now requires a certain energy and grace that’s being learned …

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