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Director of The Breast Archives

Filmmaker, Meagan Murphy…

is a multimedia producer who has written and directed branded content for clients and media outlets since 1994. A seasoned interviewer, she is committed to uncompromising visions that challenge conventional paradigms. Meagan is the recipient of a Communicators Award and a Blue Cross / Blue Shield Medical Journalism Fellowship, and was a Time Inc Health Education Finalist. Meagan launched Deliberate Healing Productions LLC in 2012 to create The Breast Archives, a film about women’s body-based wisdom.

The Breast Archives has been screened and presented panel discussions at Gateway City Arts and Academy of Music, and at fundraising events for Planned Parenthood and Cancer Connection. 

The film has been exhibited at the Women’s International Film Festival and Northeast Naturist Film Festival (2018, 2020), and at several annual conferences, including the Assoc. for the Study of Women and Mythology and the Social Work Conference, hosted by Western New England University, in 2015 and 2016.  

The Breast Archives is represented in North America by First Run Features, is accessible in libraries and streaming services via Kanopy, and is available to international audiences through Vimeo (VOD).

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I believe Director, Meagan Murphy, approaches our larger social framework (both men and women) with curiosity and non-judgment, and has created an important piece that has broad appeal.

-David Sela, PhD.

Meagan Murphy speaking at a recent showing of the Breast Archives in Atlanta, GA.


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