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A career in television and film has allowed Meagan to develop skills and insights into how stories work: as memory, as consciousness-raising tools, as calls to action. She has also, in her studies as a mystery school initiate, and in her work interviewing women, gained a profound sense of what storytelling, and harnessing the power and meaning of one’s own story, can do for women.  

As a panelist and screening host, Meagan describes the storytelling techniques and narrative methods used to engage deeply held memories and a style of inquiry that can facilitate the discovery of a wisdom within.  

In her role as producer, Meagan has written and directed branded content for clients and media outlets since 1994.  A passionate interviewer, she is the recipient of a Communicators Award and a Blue Cross / Blue Shield Medical Journalism Fellowship, and was a Time Inc Health Education Finalist.  

In 2012, Meagan launched Deliberate Healing Productions LLC to create The Breast Archives. The film is available in public libraries across North America, and has been presented at numerous conferences and festivals, including the Association for the Study of Women & Mythology (Las Vegas, NV), The Academy of Music (Northampton. MA), and at Lab 111 in Amsterdam.  

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Meagan Murphy speaking at a recent screening of the Breast Archives.


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