I am an enthusiastically curious person, and I relish the art of the interview. It’s a chance to tap in and excavate the memories and wisdom and innate knowing of another human being. For more than a decade this was my livelihood, and I studied the great interviewers of our day: Terry Gross, Ken Burns, Oprah Winfrey, Jim Lehrer, etc. In time I learned where to find the magic—or at least where to look for it.

I cut my teeth in Boston after studying Communications at Northeastern University. It was where I was first introduced to the video camera, and I’ve been hooked on production— the crews, the gear, and the great variety of content, ever since.

Traveling has also been a passion, and in 2011, immediately following the uprisings in Tahrir Square, I found myself in Egypt. The country had been emptied of tourists and our tiny group was often alone at the ruins and temples — all of which were indescribably vast and ancient and splendorous.

While meditating in the Great Pyramid’s Kings’ Chamber, I began to be aware of a new idea that was so simple and so clear:  our breasts contain an ancient wisdom.

Try as I may, I couldn’t shake the idea, and so began to plan a series of interviews. Nine women came forward and were interviewed, with each individual agreeing to expose her breasts while discussing the idea of a breast-based wisdom. I knew I had hit upon something special. Five years later, the film was finally finished.

During this lengthy post-production phase, I began studying alternative world history with a voracious passion. I traveled to South Africa to learn more, and my questions about a suppressed global history, and the cruel nullification of the feminine within that history, only deepened.

I have been privileged to work inside of this inquiry. When I screen The Breast Archives in public, I often share my findings and insights, and  uniquet origins of his project.

Please contact me directly if you would like me to host a screening in your community.

With love, Meagan

Meagan Murphy speaking at a recent screening of the Breast Archives.