Making a film about breasts is hard. It’s as if I’d rather curl up beside them and take their comfort, rather than analyze their role and influence in my life. Our breasts have always mattered, but we didn’t know why. And looking at that question now requires a certain energy and grace that’s being learned …

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Tending Your (Bodily) Garden

—–How can we celebrate our breasts? Celebrate the breasts, you ask? We say YES! The breasts are far more mysterious and complex than society has led us to believe. What we hear from the media is that our breasts’ are only special if they’re sexual. The truth is, our breasts link us to our hearts. …

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Talking about Our Breasts

We don’t talk about our breasts. The mainstream consumerist media talks about our breasts, men talk about our breasts, we sometimes talk about each other’s breasts…but we don’t talk about our lived experiences with our breasts. Filmmaker and author, Meema Spadola, calls the breasts “our most public private part.” Perhaps it is this promotion of …

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