About the Film

Both enlightening and entertaining, The Breast Archives asks the question, “What happens when women are brave enough to bare their breasts—and their hearts—to share the unique journeys they’ve made with their bodies?”

The Breast Archives will make some people uncomfortable and it will elicit emotions, memories, and provocative conversations among audience members while suggesting new possibilities for how both women and men can perceive women’s breasts and bodies.

Meet The Women

Nine women, aged 30 to 70, candidly reveal memories of adolescent shame and confusion, the delights of first intimacies, experiences of sexual tension, anxiety about breast cancer, and the influence of media, religion, and society on their self-worth and physical and emotional development. The film offers a frank and bold examination of this cultural influence across race, class, religion, age, and gender and provides a vital compassion we all seek. By exposing themselves, these nine women expose and challenge us all. The Breast Archives creates an opportunity to engage, empower, and enlighten.




Chef, Author


Artist, Yoga Instructor


Reverend, Spiritual Counselor


Sex Therapist






Social Worker



Meet The Director

Meagan Murphy has an extensive background in film / television production.

I have created branded content in film & television since 1994. I LOVE the art of the interview, and have won several awards as a producer/director. My passion is bringing forward socially impactful stories that inspire thought and conversation.

Practices associated with embodiment and feminist spirituality have been deeply influential, and I am a certified yoga instructor, a woman’s mystery school graduate, and the recipient of The Communicator Award of Distinction for my work with teens and children. I have spoken at several conferences, including Association of Women & Mythology (2018), and New England University’s Sociology Conference (2016, 2017).

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