About the Participants

The Breast Archives reveals the inner thoughts, emotions, and pivotal experiences of women ranging widely in ethnicity, age, socio-economic background, and breast size. In an intimate setting, they candidly reveal their deeply personal memories of puberty, shaming, sexual pleasure, nursing, and breast cancer. They admit to their mixed emotions and contradictory beliefs, questioning their culture and themselves. Courageously vulnerable, they explore how they have assessed their breasts and tied those judgments to their self-worth, and they begin to find their own inner wisdom. In a profound act of self-revelation, they bare their breasts to the camera, each inviting the audience to accept her naked, imperfect truth.

Meet The Nine

The participants share the journey they’ve made in finding peace with their breasts, and discuss an emerging awareness of a guiding and unique breast-based wisdom. The women are in turn humorous, reflective, and good-natured about their bodies and how they relate to them mentally and emotionally. By focusing on their relationship to their breasts, the women of The Breast Archives are moved to recognize and embrace the innate splendor of their physical beings.




Chef, Author


Artist, Yoga Instructor


Reverend, Spiritual Counselor


Sex Therapist






Social Worker



Meet The Director

I am a curious person, and relish the art of  the interview. It’s a chance to tap into buried memories, dormant wisdom, and the profound self-knowing contained within our bodies.

I was bitten by the production bug 27 years ago and have worked on most every kind of production since. I especially enjoy using the mediums, film, video and multimedia, to tell stories that engage, transform, and inspire people.

It was during a trip down the Nile that I first had the idea for The Breast Archives project. A mysterious voice had said, “The breasts contain an ancient wisdom,” and I was called to action. At the time I was working at PBS as a producer, and was also enrolled in a women’s Mystery School — so the stage was set! I would soon discover that the breasts — the face of our hearts — are an extraordinary treasure trove, and a portal into the 4th dimension.

I remain inspired by this project, and by its’ nine, brave participants. They’ve been a model for courage, and for vulnerability, for so many. I was honored to hear their stories.

The Breast Archives is distributed by First Run Features, and can be found at public libraries in the US & Canada. It is available on iTunes and Amazon…and in our Shop.

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